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Klintra | People


Now you can gather all information about your employees in one place, enabling quick and easy development of your company’s most important asset.


Your personal assistant 

With KLINTRA | PEOPLE you no longer need to remember details such as training course dates and when your favorite canteen worker was hired. KLINTRA | PEOPLE keeps track of everything and automatically reminds you.  

  • When an employee’s probation period is over
  • When staff members have anniversaries
  • When training courses and approvals need to be renewed
  • When you need to follow up on job interviews 

As your company’s most important resource your employees require well-organized care and attention. Securing the wellbeing and development of your staff boosts ef ciency and leads to better results for your business.

KLINTRA | PEOPLE provides constantly updated information, making it easy for your management to make the right decisions. 

Find the ideal team for the job

o solve your company’s tasks in the most ef cient way you need to match the right people to the right assignments. With KLINTRA | PEOPLE you always have a complete register of your employees, outlining their skills and experience. This enables you to set up the ideal team quickly and easily. 


Modern, open and in the cloud

KLINTRA | PEOPLE is a modern web system, based on the latest Microsoft technology. The system can run in the cloud or in your own IT environment. With its open and well-de ned interfaces, it can easily interact with other systems such as payroll systems for data reuse. 


An Indispensable Tool

Before and during recruitment | During and after employment

Recruitment system

  • Prioritization and assessment of applications
  • Job match facilities – gap analysis
  • Job ads
  • Job portal

From posting a job ad, handling and processing applications to employment. 


KLINTRA | PEOPLE is a strategic HRM tool that provides businesses and their staff with invaluable support in dealing with key issues: 

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What will it take?
  • Job and competency profiles
  • Visible goals
  • Gap analysis
  • Quality assurance 

Try Klintra | People today

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