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Undir Glaðsheyggi 14
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Faroe Islands

(298) 898989

Klintra | Cold Storage



  • All incoming and outgoing goods are monitored and recorded.
  • The system calculates the number of days the product is in stock.
  • Klintra | Cold Storage can read barcodes from other systems. 
  • It reads and records data from the weighing system.      
  • Clients are given a login, enabling them to keep track of their product.
  • Clients can print out any lists they need online.
  • An integrated invoicing system sends out invoices by email.
  • Integration to other systems, e.g. financial systems
  • The system is easy to use and highly customizable.

KLINTRA | COLD STORAGE makes life easier.
It helps us keep track of all goods coming in and out of the cold store. It also helps us provide customers and authorities with all the information they need.
— Símin Pauli Sivertsen, CEO at Bergfrost

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