When compliance matters

Klintra | Crew is a full feature Crew Management solution built for quick, easy and secure validation.

Matching requirements with competences can be difficult and time consuming. Klintra | Crew was developed to speed up the process and eliminate matching errors.


  • Manage certificates
    Easy overview of when certificates need to be renewed.

  • Manage requirements
    Determine requirements and build up formal structure (matrix) to determine gaps.

  • Auditing and validation
    Provide proof of past compliance with built in validation tool.

  • Manage crew compliance
    See how employees fit in comparison to the charter requirements.

  • Manage vessels compliance
    Set requirements and identify gaps - future and present.

  • Manage crew information
    All-important information about your crewmembers and certificates in one system.

  • Register activities
    Register time on board, at home, travelling, vacation, courses etc.

  • Employee notifications
    Generate automatic emails to employees with time balance.

  • Employee app for smartphone and tablet
    Employees sign on and off directly on their smartphone or tablet.

  • Reporting
    Dynamic reports on crewmembers and vessels, including time balance, requirements and validations.

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