As your company’s most important resource, your employees require well-organised care and attention. Securing the wellbeing and development of your staff boosts efficiency and leads to better results for your business. FÓLK provides constantly updated information, making it easy for your management to make the right decisions.

Your Personal Assistant

With FÓLK, you no longer need to remember details such as training course dates and when your employees first embarked on their career with you. FÓLK keeps track of everything and automatically reminds you of:

Recruitment System

The recruitment module manages everything, from posting a job ad and handling and processing applications, to employment.

Suppliers to the maritime industry


Petur Larsen

A complete HRM-solution for the manufacturing company Petur Larsen, gathering all staff information in one place.


Petur Larsen is a manufacturing company with the core business of sales and refurbishment of Baader processing machines for domestic and international markets.


With employees with different backgrounds who work in shifts and have changing hours, the company required an HRM-system tailored to their needs which gives the management a full overview.


FÓLK is a complete HRM-solution which gathers all the necessary information about each staff member into one system.


FÓLK provides Petur Larsen with a clear overview of all the relevant staff information. Furthermore, the company was able to modernise their procedures and dispose of all the old archives found in folders, drawers, servers and computers.