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How Klintra | CREW helped Anna

Anna Kalsø, Skansi Offshore

Anna Kalsø, Skansi Offshore

The software has helped us save time when recruiting and planning, and continuously ensures all off our crews’ and vessels’ compliance with charter and authority requriements.


The benefit

Klintra | Crew has facilitated our planning and recruiting process by gathering all information and certificates in one place. Requirements can be feed into the system and later matched to groups or specific crewmembers. The process of validating a set of competences against charter and/or authority requirements is now much faster, and can be documented both in advance and in past tense. Even complex matching tasks are made easy with the systems automatic matching process.

The result

Klintra | Crew has helped us save time while eliminating errors in the matching process. It is very easy to validate competences against requirements.

When faced with an enquiry for a future assignment we can use the validation tool to determine if we are in compliance, and see any potential gaps that need to be addressed. 

Klintra | Crew makes it easy for us to stay in compliance.